Alleged voter data fraud: Karnataka State BJP writes to Chief Election Commissioner.

Bengaluru: Assembly elections will be held in Karnataka in April 2023.  The State Election Commission is undergoing a comprehensive revision of the Electoral Rolls of Karnataka under the direction of the Election Commission of India in preparation for the elections.

 In the exercise of electoral roll revision by the Election Commission in the State, the entire process is managed and controlled by the State Election Commission under the direction of the Election Commission of India and its officers.
  It said that the state government has nothing to do with this work.

 In this exercise several entries in electoral roll of Karnataka which are illegal and have double entries have been deleted as they are totally unauthorized and liable to be manipulated in the electoral process.  In this context, the State Election Commission has said that it has legalized the list by deleting the entries to help achieve fair and free elections in the state.

 Congress party INC is trying to interfere with this exercise of election commission to facilitate free and fair elections in Karnataka state by making false and false allegations.  This is unfortunate, and demands that the Indian National Congress in Karnataka should not be allowed to throw a spoke in the wheel of a legitimate revision of the electoral roll.

 It is known that the Election Commission is verifying the voter list through latest technology and removing illegal double entry and false entries.
 It said this was done to prevent massive voter fraud by using these fake entries to run the Congress in the upcoming elections.

 An NGO called CHELUME has been appointed by BBMP to create voter awareness.  This NGO has worked to create awareness among voters.

 However there were reports of some instances from the said organization, which went beyond what was allowed.  An FIR was immediately registered against this organization and its employees were arrested.  The deletion process, which is being conducted independently by the Commission along with the BBMP staff, has nothing to do with the institution's acts.  These deletions were carried out by the commission across the entire state and not in Bengaluru.  Hence this process is taken up independently by the Commission.  He said that it is unfortunate that the Congress is raising a ruckus about this.

 These orders of Siddaramaiah Government 2017 are vide Annexure – A.
 This has actually exposed the Congress and its duplicity in blaming the present government for involving the NGO, while it was the Congress government that first issued orders in its favor and allowed the electoral roll to be tampered with.

 It is very unfortunate that the culprit is now complaining when he first involved an NGO in his administration in 2017.
 It was shocking that during the Congress government, all the rules and regulations related to voter roll registration were thrown to the wind and BLOs were outsourced to private individuals.

 It is shocking that Tahsildar issued such an order during Siddaramaiah's tenure.  Orders are produced as Annexure.  B. It is clear from above how BLO S has been outsourced and given to private persons and politically misused by Congress.

 Therefore, immediate action should be taken against Siddaramaiah who has implemented such orders and all the other officials responsible for this.  This manipulation of hiring and outsourcing of BLOs is very serious and should be thoroughly investigated.

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